audience listening to speakerFinding the right speaker for your event can be overwhelming and challenging. Yet the success of an event is largely tied to the quality of the speaker. Having managed and organized many speaking events corporately and in the small business setting over the last 25+ years, Bill Bayer understands the importance of find an engaging, knowledgeable speaker.

Bill’s speaking career goes all the way back to his growing up days when he and his best friend and formed their own stand-up comedy team. Friends and classmates hired them to entertain at parties … and they always provided a good laugh. Bill has always loved standing in front of an audience, bringing them laughter and learning at the same time.

As he got into the business world more than 30 years ago, he began to speak in more formal business contexts. From delivering corporate financial forecasts to motivating business leaders, Bill has spoken in a variety of situations on a wide span of topics in business settings, in church, and in not-for-profit settings.

Bill also recognizes that people learn from stories. His entertaining style features many real-life stories from his over thirty-five years in business. Bill’s gift is teaching people through stories and analogies that are fun to hear and help the listener recall the message.


A few examples of popular topics Bill has spoken on over the years:

  • Economic forecasts & updates
  • Leadership development
  • Business management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Personal development
  • Wealth accumulation & personal finance
  • Balancing personal life & work life
  • Selecting the Right Person for the Job

Popular Presentations

Some of Bill’s most popular presentations include:

  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Balancing Work & Life
  • Sell or Die: The Sales Imperative
  • Fatal Illusions: 14 Blindspots that Can Kill Your Business
  • Leading Change in Tough Times
  • Fireproof Your Business
  • Maximizing Employee Performance
  • Annual Economic Presentation

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