business_seller_representationWhether you have been approached about selling your business or you want to initiate the potential sale of your business yourself, it is important to obtain the assistance of qualified professionals to assist you in this process.

Many professionals who assist business owners with the sale of their company are not honest with the business owner. For example, they often inflate the value they initially assign to the business. In addition, they often ask for large fees up front that you pay whether you sell the business or not.

We can assist you with the various issues involved in the sale of your company. We’ll help you maximize your investment potential, even as we’ve helped other business owners just like you. However, we will be realistic and not inflate your expectations. In addition, our fee structure usually saves clients money because we do not take large success fees. Our pay-as-you-go approach allows you to stop the process at any time without being tied to a long term listing agreement.