sales talent
Sales is the most undervalued function in most businesses.
The impact of a weak sales person can be compared to getting poor service at a restaurant that has good food. While the content of the meal may taste good, a bad server can devalue the entire experience.

On the other hand, a good sales person will make doing business with your company a great experience. Sales people who are truly high achievers also have both a strong work ethic and excellent sales skills.

Unfortunately, most managers don’t know how to hire or manage sales people. Often the manager’s view is to hire an inexpensive – and likely ineffective – sales person to minimize the cost of the sales function. We can help you find, assess, and manage a sales person who will bring high value to your business.

Our experience and assessment tools will help assure that you get the right candidate to fill the position. We can then assist you after the hire with practical sales management tools that will help make certain that the sales person stays on track in bringing you new business.