bookkeepingWe offer high-quality, cost-effective bookkeeping services for small businesses and high-income individuals. We’ll handle the mundane tasks that few business owners or wealthy individuals want to be involved in, and we’ll do it efficiently. For most of our clients, we establish a day each week or a time each month to come into the client’s office and do their AP, AR, payroll, bank deposits, etc. Plus, all clients are overseen by our CFO staff to ensure that key financial planning and tax issues are identified and addressed.

Our services allow you to rest assured that your financial statements are accurate and that you will not suffer from negative financial surprises at the end of the year or at tax time. Many of our clients’ accountants have commented that our high quality bookkeeping services save their clients money at tax time.

“Hiring Jen [Lighthouse Growth Resources] was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. She has managed my bookkeeping needs for going on 3 years now and is always prompt when I need information regarding my financials. I have referred her to so many colleagues who she now helps as well. She has saved me so much time, money and frustration with trying to do my own books! My only regret is I did not hire her sooner.”
Dr. Felicity Keough, Keough Chiropractic

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