bookkeepingOur initial goal is helping small businesses develop and maintain accurate books. Obviously, this is a great help at tax time because it allows the tax accountant to focus on filing the return rather than making lots of corrections.

Long term, our goal is to make the information that is contained in financial statements accessible, useful and meaningful to the business owner.

Good numbers are necessary for more than just accurate tax filings. A business’ financial statements are the window into understanding the inner workings and profitability of a business. We are passionate about turning the oftentimes perceived mundane financial information into useful information that is accessible for understanding and evaluating the business’ success.

To this end, we will identify key analytical figures and then develop customized reports for your business. This gives the business owner the information to monitor the key pieces that impact profitability, increase efficiencies, optimize cash flow and inform long-term decisions and business planning.

“Hiring Jen [Lighthouse Growth Resources] was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. She has managed my bookkeeping needs for going on 3 years now and is always prompt when I need information regarding my financials. I have referred her to so many colleagues who she now helps as well. She has saved me so much time, money and frustration with trying to do my own books! My only regret is I did not hire her sooner.”
Dr. Felicity Keough, Keough Chiropractic